Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kimono Tango Frosty Pink Floral Collection: Party Clutch Bag, Smartphone Case, Business Card Case

 Kimono Tango Party Clutch Bag - Frosty Pink Floral
(7,000 JPY/$59/55 Euros/£45)

These products are all handmade and recycled from genuine premium quality silk brocade from Japan.  The Obis from which these were made are formal wear of the highest quality and were worn only a few times before they were recycled.

Kimono Tango Smartphone Case - Frosty Pink Floral
(2,000 JPY/$17/16 Euros/£12)

Kimono Tango Business Card Case - Frosty Pink Floral
(1,500 JPY/$13/£8.50 GBP/12 Euros)

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