Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Tote Bag in Silk Brocade

15,000 JPY/$150/110 Euros/£87
(Rates quoted in currencies other than JPY are subject to change)

This is one of our new tote bags.  It is made from 100% Nishijin silk brocade and has buttons attached on it so that you can use it in two different ways.  It is likely that the Obi was woven between 1980 - 2000 and in excellent condition.  The chrysanthemums on this Obi are auspicious and the Obi was originally made to wear on celebratory occasions such as the Coming of Age Ceremony or to weddings.

This is what it looks like when you button it up!

To purchase this tote bag, please email us to inquire about availability. Because we don't mass manufacture, there is only one bag that looks like this.  For contact details, please go here.   To make a payment, please go here.

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